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Moving To Work Demonstration Program (MTW)

Moving To Work Demonstration Program
Cohort #4 - Landlord Incentives

In January 2021, HUD published PIH Notice 2021-03 to invite PHAs to submit applications for this cohort, which will evaluate landlord incentives and their effect on landlord participation in the HCV program.

On January 27, 2022, Lake County Housing Authority was notified that the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has selected the Lake County Housing Authority for admission to the Landlord Incentives Cohort of the Moving to Work (MTW) Demonstration Program.

  • LCHA will try to bridge the Landlord-Tenant gap the families have had to overcome on their own.
  • LCHA will continuously hold landlord information meetings, both in person and online.
  • Local realtors and leasing agents will be contacted in hopes of educating them on the benefits to the Housing Choice Voucher program.
  • An additional goal is to have many rentals to choose from in the opportunity areas. 

LCHA plans to implement the landlord incentives to gain new landlords in opportunity areas to increase options for voucher families with the hope that the families will be closer to better employment opportunities and strive for self-sufficiency.

Only rental units in opportunities areas will be able to participate in the Landlord Incentive MTW activities. Opportunity areas are defined by the current standards set forth by the State of Illinois in processing tax abatements in HCV rentals. The property must be located in a qualified Township whose tax capacity exceeds 80% of the average tax capacity of Lake County which is re-evaluated by the County every year.

The property must also be located in a census tract where less than 10% of the residents live below the poverty level. The poverty level is determined by the most recent US Census.

Vacancy Loss (HCV - Tenant Based Assistance)

    One month's rent in between HCV families in opportunity areas

    Landlords in opportunity areas will be offered one month's rent by continuing to rent to another HCV family. The vacancy loss payment will be paid after the executed contract of the continued leasing of an HCV family.


New Landlord Incentive (HCV - Tenant Based Assistance)

    One month's rent to a Landlord in an opportunity area who has never participated or has not had a HCV tenant within the last 12 months in the unit.

New landlords or those who have not had a HCV tenant in the past 12 months will be offered one month's rent for participating in the HCV program. The incentive payment will be paid after the executed contract.

MTW Administrative Plan

MTW Narrative

MTW Waivers and Associated Activities

Location of MTW Activities

MTW Supplement to LCHA's Annual PHA Plan

MTW Certification of Compliance