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Read your lease to make sure how much notice your landlord requires. For example 1 month, 2 month, etc. Write your landlord a letter giving the proper notice of your intent to move. Make a copy. Have him/her sign one copy and date it. This is your evidence of complying with your lease.

LCHA needs a 30-day written notice of your intent to move and a copy of the letter your landlord signed. Submit them to your Field Rep/Team.

Your last certification for the Section 8 program must be within 90 days of your moving to a new unit or it needs to be done again. This could delay your move by several weeks so make sure to check on it with your Field Rep/Team.

You cannot owe the landlord, utility companies or the Housing Authority any money. If you owe monies, you are not in good-standing with LCHA and will be denied a move with rental assistance.

You will need to get a “Request for Tenancy Form” to be filled out by you and the new landlord. Contact your Field Rep/Team to obtain this form. We cannot set up an inspection of the new unit without this form being completed and returned to your Field Rep/Team.

Make sure to call & have the utilities taken out of your name and turned on in the new unit. All utilities in the new unit must be operating at the time of the inspection by LCHA.

Ask your landlord to do a move-out walk through inspection once you are done cleaning. Be sure to tell him your forwarding address so he can send your deposit back.

Make sure you also do a move-in inspection at your new unit, listing any damage and have the new landlord sign it for you.

You must be out of the old unit by the end of the month, or the last day the Housing Authority has paid for. If not, the landlord can hold you responsible for any extra days that you leave things in the unit.

Keep your Field Rep/Team informed! They are the people in the know and can best assist you in this process.


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