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FSS: Family Self Sufficiency

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The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program of Lake County Housing Authority is voluntary program to assist tenants who have a Housing Choice Voucher or live in public housing that enables families to increase their earned income and reduce dependency on welfare assistance and rental subsidies. 

Once selected to participate in the program, the LCHA, and the head of each participating family execute an FSS Contract of Participation that specifies the rights and responsibilities of both parties. The FSS Contract is generally five years, but it may be extended for another two years by the PHA for good cause. 

With the assistance of your very own FSS case manager, you will develop an individual training and service plan (ITSP). This plan will list a family's intermediate and long-term goals and the steps a family will need to take, and the services and resources needed to achieve your goals. Those resources may include but are not limited to the following: Job training, financial literacy (ie: credit improvement, budgeting, and savings), childcare, education, and homeownership counseling. Your FSS case manager will be with you every step of the way!

As a household's income increases due to earned income, an interest-bearing escrow account is established by the Lake County Housing Authority for each participating family if and when a family's rent increases as a result of increased earned income of the FSS family. 

In order to graduate from the FSS program, a family must be "suitably" employed and free of welfare cash assistance on the last day of the contract, if not before. A participant must also be in good standing with the Lake County Housing Authority as well as their landlord. 


  • Successful Graduate "KN" received $31,517.712. She states, "The escrow account helped to grow funds for my ultimate goal - homeownership! I will use the funds towards a downpayment on my first home." KN appreciated her time in FSS and in her own words expressed, "The FSS program is for everyone who wants to better themselves for their family. I am a single mother and I thought I wouldn't make it to graduation and today has come in the blink of an eye! I made it! I would recommend the program to all voucher holders. The program was a blessing to my family. The information I received throughout the program was amazing."

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How do I apply and sign up for the program?

Contact Family Self Sufficiency Managers:

Felipe Cortez, 847-223-1170 ext. 2020 (Spanish speaking)

Yanitza Montemayor, 847-223-1170 ext. 2160

Jelena Milunovic, 847-223-1170 ext. 2520 


What is the Family Self-Sufficiency Program?