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We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and have provided answers for them. If, however, you have a question that is not listed here or you are unable to find the information you are looking for on the rest of our site, please feel free to call us at 847-223-1170 or email us.

What are LCHA’s hours of operation?

Due to COVID all LCHA Offices are currently closed to the public.

The LCHA business hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 8:00AM to 4:00PM and Wednesday 8:00AM to 12:00PM (noon.)

We are closed for all Federal Holidays during the year. For a specific list of dates, please reference our calendar.

Our Central Office is located at 33928 North Route 45, in Grayslake, IL.

Please call 847-223-1170 if you have specific questions about our hours of operation.

For your convenience, we have placed a secure DROP BOX at the outside front entrance of the Central Office. Please use this box for payment or paperwork at any time. Staff checks the box every day that the Authority is open.

Who may apply?

Anyone may apply for housing with the Lake County Housing Authority when the waiting lists are open. However, there are income eligibility standards. Your income must be below these numbers in order for you to be eligible. Your ranking will be determined by total preference points claimed on your pre-application but you do not need any points to be ranked.

How am I ranked? What is my status?

Your rank on the waiting list is determined by the total preference points claimed by you and your household. Your rank changes every time a new application is added to the waiting list. When your name rises to the top of the waiting list, you will receive a letter to submit proof of all preferences claimed.

Your “status” on the waiting list is active or not active. Due to the daily fluctuation of the waiting list as a result of our preference point system, we are unable to provide you with your position on the waiting list or your progress. When your total preference points rises to the top of the waiting lists, you will be notified by mail.

The following are the only preferences that may be claimed on a pre-application.

Residency (15 Points)
Head-of-Household or Spouse lives in Lake County, IL or
Head-of-Household or Spouse works in Lake County, IL or
Head-of-Household or Spouse has been hired to work in Lake County, IL

Veteran (5 Points)
Head-of-Household or Spouse is a US Veteran, not dishonorably discharged.

Nursing Home (10 Points)
Head-of-Household or Spouse resides in nursing home and remains there due to inability to afford housing elsewhere.

What is the UPDATE?

An UPDATE of all waiting list happens every year. You will be mailed a letter, usually in December, and must respond by the date specified on the letter in order to remain on the waiting list. Failure to respond to the letter by the deadline will result in your name being dropped from all waiting lists.

It is in your best interest to keep your pre-application updated on a continuous basis with your family composition, address, phone and preferences claimed. Any changes must be submitted in writing and include your social security number and signature. Changes should be sent to the attention of “Waiting List“.

How long are the wait lists?

There is no certain time for the wait lists, rather, it varies in each case. Generally, though, it takes anywhere from 5 to 7 years for your turn to come up. This will be shorter or longer based upon the preference system and the points you have.

Where am I on the waiting list?

Due to the daily fluctuation of the waiting list as a result of our preference system, we are unable to provide you with your position on the waiting list. You may verify your status at any time. When your total preference points rises to the top of the waiting lists you will be notified by mail.

What is the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program?

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program provides rent assistance for very low and moderate income persons in privately owned rental apartments, flats, townhomes or houses. The Section 8 program permits landlords renting sound housing at reasonable rental rates to receive a portion of the rent for a subsidized tenant directly from the Housing Authority.

You can find more information on the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program here.

What is the Family Self-Sufficiency Program?

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program, designed by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and run under the Section 8 program, was created to aid families in earning money so that they are able to support themselves and to put them in a situation in which they are no longer in need of government assistance. As part of Family Self-Sufficiency, you meet with a counselor or case manager. They will create an Individual Training & Services Plan for you, which is required by HUD for any participants of the FSS Program. Then you take steps outlined in the Plan to work your way towards self-sufficiency.

How is rent determined?

Your rent is based upon your adjusted monthly income. In the Section 8 Program, if the gross rent for the unit you select is at or below the payment standard, you pay the higher of 30% of your adjusted monthly income or 10% of your gross income. At the time that you sign the lease, your rent share can be no more than 40% of your adjusted monthly income. For low rent/public housing, your rent can be no more than 30% of the adjusted monthly income.

Are public housing residents allowed to have pets?

Yes, residents are allowed to have pets, but with some restrictions. Only common domesticated household pets may be maintained on Authority property. These are dogs, cats, ferrets, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, fish, turtles and caged birds. Reptiles are prohibited. Cats may not weigh more than 15 pounds. Dogs may not weigh more than 35 pounds and/or stand 24 inches from the ground to the top of the head. The capacity of aquariums shall not exceed 20 gallons. All pet owners or residents wishing to own a pet shall be required to complete a Pet Application in the form prescribed by the Housing Authority. Along with the application, a pet policy must be signed by the tenant and a pet deposit paid.

What’s the difference between Section 8 and Public Housing?

Public Housing is residential property owned and maintained by the Housing Authority. This housing is leased to low-income families by the Authority.

The Section 8 program provides assistance in paying rent to a private owner. The tenant pays for part of the rent based upon their adjusted monthly income, and the Section 8 program subsidizes a part of the rent.

What is Portability?

In the HCV program, portability refers to the process through which the family can transfer or "port" their rental subsidy when they move to a location outside the jurisdiction of the public housing agency (PHA) that first gave them the voucher when they were selected for the program.

New families may not be able to port immediately; they may have to live in the jurisdiction of the initial PHA for a year before they can port.  Initial PHAs may allow moves during this one-year period.

  • Initial PHAs - The PHA that first gave the voucher to the individual when they were selected for the program.
  • Receiving PHAs - The agency that will administer assistance in the area to which the individual moves.

Freedom of Information Requests (FOIA)

Please submit all requests under the Freedom of Information Act, in writing, to:

Valerie Rogers,
FOIA Officer
33928 N US Highway 45
Grayslake, IL 60030
As required by the Freedom of Information Act,
Click HERE to find a brief summary of the Housing Authority.

Click HERE to read the way to submit a request.

Lake County Housing Authority
Section 504 Compliance Contact

Coordination of Compliance with Non-Discrimination Requirements

Ofelia Navarro
(847) 223-1170 ext. 2500

All Lake County Housing Authority offices will be closed as follows:

Every Wednesday from 12:00 PM (noon) to 4:00 PM

New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Day
President’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veteran’s Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day After Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

For a specific list of dates, please reference our calendar.

Paper Retriever Here!

Do you have too much paper that you don’t need or don’t know what to do with? Well, the Lake County Housing Authority now has a Paper Retriever located in our front parking lot and it is accessible 24/7. We encourage the community to use the Paper Retriever to help us and your environment by saving water, conserving landfill space, reducing air pollution and shrinking your carbon footprint. We appreciate all the paper we can get. Just remember the more paper we recycle, the better it is for our environment. Here is a list of things you can and cannot recycle:

Yes Yes Yes
-Office Paper
-Shredded paper (Please keep in a bag)
-Paperback books
-Hard Cover books (Please remove the covers)