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In order to be eligible for either the Housing Choice Voucher program or Low Rent Public Housing program, family income can not be greater than those on the following chart. These limits are established by the federal government and adjusted annually. At least 75 percent of the families admitted to the PHA's program during a PHA fiscal year must be extremely low-income families.

Income Limits (effective 5/15/23)

Number of Persons

Extremely Low
30% of Median

Very Low
50% of Median

80% of Median

1 $23,200 $38,650 $61,800
2 $26,500 $44,150 $70,600
3 $29,800 $49,650 $79,450
4 $33,100 $55,150 $88,250
5 $35,750 $59,600 $95,350
6 $40,280 $64,000 $102,400
7 $45,420 $68,400 $109,450
8 $50,560 $72,800 $116,500


No person may be admitted to a Housing Authority program who engages in drug-related or violent criminal activities, has committed fraud in connection with a federally assisted housing program or who owes money to an assisted housing provider. Income includes salary, wages, tips, Social Security, SSI, SSDI, TANF/Public Aid, unemployment benefits, VA benefits, pension, child support, alimony, worker’s compensation and cash contributions for all members of the household. Income is also derived from assets such as savings, stocks, bonds, and the value of real estate owned.

All statements regarding eligibility must be verified. Misrepresentations made on the pre‑application form will result in the refusal of housing assistance.

Payment Standards Click here.

In order for the Authority to meet your needs, it has to have current information. Once each year, the Authority will ask you to update our pre-application. However, it is in your best interest to notify the Authority in writing if there are changes in your household composition, income, address, phone number or interest in the program between updates.

The Housing Choice Voucher program operates in accordance with its written plan called the Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan. The Admin Plan is written by Lake County Housing Authority & approved by HUD.