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HUD Certified Housing Counseling

COVID Housing Relief Program (CHRP)

Do You Need Paying Your Utility Bills Or Your Rental Payment?

If you have lost your job or have a huge amount of medical bills due to Covid-19, then you may qualify for rental or utility assistance. Lake County Housing Authority can help. 


  • Must be a Lake County resident
  • Must have lost income due to COVID-19. i.e job loss, missing work to care for children.
  • Must have limited savings
  • Household must have an annual household income below:

1 Person Household: $51,000

2 Person Household: $58,250

3 Person Household: $65,550

4 Person Household: $72,800

5 Person household: $78,650

6 Person Household: $84,450

7 Person Household: $90,300


If you think you may qualify, please fill out the Intake Packet, as well as any other required documents you feel are required due to your current situation. You may fill out the online CHRP application by clicking the clickable "Intake Packet" link above or you may also find it in the links below. Landlords and/or utility companies will receive the funds.

Forms and Client Documents: 

Please fill out any required documents that apply to you and send to "" when completed. LCHA will call you to let you know if you are eligible and/or if any additional information is needed.