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Rental Counseling

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LCHA's HUD-Certified Housing Counselors provide FREE Rental Counseling regardless of income, residency or demographic. You do not have to be a voucher holder to take advantage of this service.

Workshops and One-on-One Counseling

  • Workshop Participants will be provided information on the process of finding, qualifying and securing stable, safe and affordable rental unit in Lake County.  In this workshop, we cover fair housing, identifying discrimination, types of affordable housing in the area, common traps, avoiding fraud, budgeting for the future, analyzing credit reports, accessing background checks, application fees, reviewing terms of the lease, rental resumes, renter's insurance, demanding repairs, landlord mediation, rights to your security deposit, avoiding eviction, and alternate programs to assist with renters' issues.  The material presented will benefit any Lake County renter, no matter if they are a voucher holder, low-income resident, or market rate tenant.


  • One-on-One Counseling focuses on the specific needs of the individual renter:  household spending plans, credit qualifications, mitigating the impact of negative information on the credit report, accessing security deposit funds, planning for the move, landlord-tenant issues, rights of the renter under domestic violence or homelessness law, specific fair housing violations, reviewing renter's insurance policies, and more. Counselors prepare an individual's action plans base on the goals and obstacles of each client, providing expert guidance throughout the process of securing a rental unit.

To speak to a HUD-Certified housing counselor directly, contact:

Lake County Housing Authority

33928 North US Highway 45 Grayslake, IL 60030

847-223-1170 x 2060