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Budgeting & Banking

pen and paper with list of financial data

Budgeting & Banking

LCHA's HUD-Certified Housing Counselors provide FREE Budget and Banking Counseling to ALL Lake County residents regardless of income, residency or demographic.

One-on-One Budget and Banking counseling focuses on the individual financial goals of the client. These can include:

  • Comprehensive financial literacy
  • Analyzing spending habits
  • Creating a viable long-term savings plan
  • Identifying banking options that maximize savings potential
  • Establishing a banking presence after collections or poor credit
  • Repairing credit
  • Identifying and applying to qualifying subsidy programs
  • Referrals to non-profit debt repair agencies

Interested in Banking and Budgeting Counseling? 

To begin, fill out LCHA's Intake Binder and submit to LCHA's HUD Certified Housing Counselor.  

LCHA's spending plans can be found HERE and HERE.

To speak to a HUD-Certified housing counselor directly, contact:

Lake County Housing Authority

33928 North US Highway 45 Grayslake, IL 60030

847-223-1170 x 2060