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What is Portability?
The process by which a family obtains a voucher from one PHA and uses it to lease a unit in the jurisdiction of another PHA.

Within the limitations of the regulations a participant family or an applicant family that has been issued a voucher has the right to use tenant-based voucher assistance to lease a unit anywhere in the United States of America providing that the unit is located within the jurisdiction of a PHA administering a tenant-based voucher program. [24 CFR 98 2. 353(b)]

Our Portability Department
All portability inquiries should be sent to your portability specialist.

Tema Navarro
Portability Specialist
(847) 223 -1170 x2700

Reasonable Accommodations
Should you need to request a reasonable accommodation during your portability, please reach out the Portability Specialist.

Port - In Procedures

1. Initiation of Port-In
You must submit your request to port-out from your current housing authority to their office and let them know you are interest in porting to the Lake County Housing Authority.

2. Contacting Our Office
After your portability paperwork has been sent to our office by your housing authority, our office may take up 3 to 5 business days to review. It is your responsibility to contact the Portability Specialist to confirm the receipt of your portability paperwork.

3. Scheduling Briefing
After your portability documentation has been reviewed by our office, we will contact you to schedule you, and all adult household members, for an informal briefing at our office. All briefings are by appointment only!

4. Attending Briefing
You are required to bring photo identification for all adults and social security documentation, along with birth certificates for all household members. At the briefing you will receive your moving papers, resources and information on our housing authority's policies and procedures. Briefings are conducted by appointment only.

5. Searching for Unit
It is your responsibility to search for a unit. Once you believe you have found a unit, you must give the landlord the moving packet to complete. Either the landlord or the client can submit the packet to our office. The packet can be sent via email to

6. Submitting the Moving Packet
Once the moving packet has been submitted, please allow 7-10 business days for our Housing Quality Specialist to review your paperwork and schedule an inspection. You will be informed as to whether the unit passed or failed the inspection. Once a unit passes inspection a Contract Specialist will finalize your portion of the rent and send the contract to the landlord.


Port -Out Procedures

1. Initiation of Port-Out
Please send your request to port-out of our jurisdiction in writing. You can turn in your request via email, fax, mail or walk-in.

2. Eligibility Review
The portability department's Support Specialist will review your request and confirm that you are eligible to move. Once your move is approved, they will have you sign a voucher and your file will be handled by the Portability Specialist.

3. Processing Port-Out
Once the Portability Specialist receives your file, they will gather the necessary documents to send to the receiving housing authority. This may take 5-7 business days from the date the Portability Specialist receives your file, along with the approval to move.

4. Contacting New Housing Authority
Once your portability documents have been sent to the receiving housing authority, our Portability Specialist will contact you to inform you and provide you with contact information for your new housing authority. It is your responsibility to contact the housing authority to ensure that they have received your paperwork and for any status updates.