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Request for Proposals

The Lake County Housing Authority (LCHA) invites bids from Contractors for Services in Lake County,  Illinois.

Details and bids are due as attached.  Please see all forms for details and attachments.

Generally, electronic and paper bid submissions are acceptable. Please return all fully filled out attached documents and a current copy of a Certificate of Insurance must be included showing Lake County Housing as “Certificate Holder”. Failure to submit all documents may result in the submitted bid being rejected. These are Davis-Bacon wage jobs. Please refer to the Lake County Housing Authority (LCHA) websites procurement tab at the following address for any additional information.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

LCHA utilizes "Housing Agency Marketplace" for some of its RFPs for vendor registration and submission. This eProcurement system may be required to sign-up and to do business with LCHA - guide below.

Need help? Vendor Registration Guide.pdf 

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Lake County Housing Authority has released the following Request For Proposals:


Quotes for Small-Purchase (QSP) #B230427
Floor Cleaning/Waxing

The Lake County Housing Authority is requesting quotes from qualified vendors experienced with providing Floor Cleaning/Polishing and or Stripping/Waxing of our Senior Facility Floors. A total of six senior home properties.  The awarded vendor is required to conform to all federal state and local laws, codes, rules, and regulations required by Lake County.

For more information please reach out to Norma Carlon Miller All solicitation information posted on E-Procurement website Housing Agency Marketplace